Thanks so much for stopping by! I love, love, love reading your greetings and comments!

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  1. Hey Sue, Thank you for the bday card. You are always good at sending cards. Rod bought me a new computer so I am actually looking at our emails and was looking at your blog. How wonderful it is. What a message you bring and I hope alot of people check out your blog. You have a great ministry here and the Lord is living through you to spread his message. I love you so much and miss you lots…Keep it going sis

    1. Teri ~ I am so touched by your message. Really touched. It means a lot to me that you would read my blog. My hope is to “truthfully encourage”, nudge people along in their faith journey. I’ll be glad to have you along.


  2. Yes, I admit….this is my first time to your blog. I usually just do FB but I love it here! I copied your button onto my website for others to come to. I am at if you want to see it. I didn’t know you could make a button for the blog. I must try it for mine. keep pouring out what god has put in you.

  3. candy,
    Its so nice to read your blogs very encouraging,I did’nt know you much as a child.
    i spent more time with tammy and terri,and bethany. But its neat to be able to see what a beautiful vibrant christian woman you are! I am enjoying being closer to mom and dad in south dakota. They have a very beautiful ranch! And it was very nice to see your mom and dad when they came to mom and dads!

    talk soon,
    God Bless
    sherry wheeler(scarpellini)

    1. Sherry! How wonderful to hear from you! I’m just thrilled to hear from you! You and Karla were always the little kids, along with Tami, Teri and Bethany, as you said. It would have been nice to have gotten to know each other better back then. But when you’re young, you don’t tend to think of the future and what relationships could mean. I love that you’re all happy together in South Dakota. Mom and Dave enjoy their visits to the ranch. When it gets down to it, family is all we really have besides the Lord Jesus. I am very honored that you stopped by my blog; I hope it encourages you. I have added you to my newsletter list, if that’s all right. Are you on Facebook?! Please greet your parents, and the rest of the family! love,

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