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What’s the Point? Look again.

Candy blogs: Brush your teeth! Don’t go over the speed limit! I have to get an A in that class! Wear a helmet! Practice, practice, practice! Stop at the red lights! Exercise! Read more! Eat right! Live within your means! Schedule a regular date night! Spend time in the word! Pray without ceasing! Don’t miss church!  These are some of the messages that constantly ring in our ears. They tend to make us feel boxed in … trapped … a slave to discipline. Why can’t we just do whatever we want to do?!

What is the point? Let’s look again.

Brush your teeth! When you don’t feel like brushing your teeth, do you go ahead and brush them because your parents told you to or you dread getting a lecture from your dentist or hygienist? Do you step it up the week before your six month appointment? The dentist will most certainly lecture you about poor home care but not because he/she loves to lecture you. They are very concerned about the health of your mouth and teeth. They want you to avoid the pain and expense of not taking care of your teeth. The health of the mouth affects the health of the entire body in many ways.

What’s the point? Look again. Brush your teeth for the enjoyment of healthy, pain-free teeth. Brushing your teeth consistently over time can prevent physical pain and paying big bucks for major dental work.

Don’t go over the speed limit! When you’re speeding down the road, you are most likely looking in all your mirrors to make sure there isn’t a police officer near by. And when you spot one, there seems to be a sudden desire to abide by the speed limit. Are they turning around?! Is it you they’re coming after?! When you’re speeding down the road and you come upon a car accident, you are suddenly more aware of the dangers that caused that accident.

What’s the point? Look again. Speed limits are for your safety and not just another rule to follow to keep you from doing as you please. They are set according to the road, the traffic load, the conditions, the lay of the land. Someone has gone down that road before you and left a safer trail to follow.

I have to get an A in that class! When it comes to education, it’s usually the grades we focus on. And whether it’s parental approval or accomplishing a goal or qualifying for another educational program, we are driving for that A or B.  “What do I have do to get an A? What are the specific requirements?” Read this many pages, write this extra paper, participate in this lab, do this much extra credit. Check, check, check. All kinds of guilt and disappointment and self-condemnation can come flooding in if we don’t get that A.

What’s the point? Look again. Grades are simply a reflection of what we have learned. The requirements for each grade are set accordingly. To earn a grade in a class is not just the checking off of requirements. It reflects that you have or have not learned the material. An accumulation of adequate grades, of learning the required material over time then earns a degree. A degree (usually) leads to a career. A career (usually) leads to a fulfilling life. One can earn a degree with a series of average grades or excellent grades. The degree is granted in either case. A degree earned with higher grades reflects more material learned, more knowledge gained that is then available to be applied in real life for the benefit of others.

Schedule a regular date night! I hear you. “Yeah, right. We’ve got one kid not sleeping through the night yet and another still in diapers. We’ve got a mortgage and two car payments.” or “We’ve got our kids in every sport plus piano lessons. We’re running from practices to games to lessons to recitals to scouts to church and back again.” or “My job has me working 60 hours a week. I’m too tired to go out again when I get home.” or “We’ll have time for that when things settle down.”

What’s the point? Look again. There are seasons in our lives. If we choose to have a family, there is the “before kids” season, the “kids” season and the “after kids” season. When we first chose to marry, we could see our 50th wedding anniversary happily ahead. But often in mid-life and the empty nest couples find that they have little in common and conversation is difficult if not centered around their children. The years remaining to 50 can seem long and unfilfilling. A regular date night won’t guarantee a lifelong marriage but it is a significant factor. Time spent alone together, regularly, over time gives a couple a better chance of surviving the empty nest syndrome. Always putting off this important ingredient of marriage to sometime in the future “when things settle down” puts the relationship at risk. Things never settle down. Better to nurture as you go along and come to mid-life as comfortable, familiar companions.

I believe looking for the point behind actions and attitudes, looking again and doing good and right things consistently over time are part of living an intentional life. Living our life just getting by with the minimum requirement, playing by joyless rules or how much we can get away with leaves us flat and two dimensional. We easily settle for good enough. How much better is a rich, joy-filled, intentional life driven by hope and excellence and purpose under the wise and loving authority of the Holy Spirit.

What is making you feel boxed in or trapped in your life? What is the point? Look again.

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Candy blogs: Decisions … we can never get away from them. Even getting out of bed is a decision every day. I love the initial interaction between Dorothy and the scarecrow:

Dorothy: Now which way do we go?
Scarecrow: Pardon me, this way is a very nice way.
Dorothy: Who said that? Don’t be silly, Toto. Scarecrows don’t talk.
Scarecrow: [points other way] It’s pleasant down that way, too.
Dorothy: That’s funny. Wasn’t he pointing the other way?
Scarecrow: [points both ways] Of course, some people do go both ways.

We often live our lives this way, trying every new trendy fad or book or teacher or style or method or diet or philosophy. Think of the people in your life whom you admire. Are they blown about by every new wind or are their lives centered and grounded? These people seem to understand that who and where they are today are the direct result of innumerable daily decisions.

“A full life is lived in the moment of decision, and in that moment you either journey closer to where you want to go or you move farther away.”
Julie Clinton

The importance of this quote by Julie Clinton in her devotional book, “Living God’s Dream for You,” can only mean something if we have already decided where we want to go. If we’re just drifting through our days letting time pass with no intention behind them, we won’t even know if we’re moving closer or further away. We let this lack of purpose rule our tomorrows.

If we “decide” to sleep late, that decision will affect all the moments ahead: kids missed the bus, late to work, missed appointment, skipped breakfast, lost productivity.

If we “decide” to procrastinate and watch TV instead of finish a project, that decision will affect all the moments ahead: nagging guilt, weak presentations due to lack of preparation, not inviting others into our home because our house isn’t picked up, feeling the pressure of being too close to a deadline.

If we “decide” to allow the opinions of others to dictate our self worth instead of fully knowing who we are and how we are gifted, it will affect all the moments ahead: assuming someone doesn’t like us, being all things to all people, missing opportunities for friendship and growth.

In my own life, I have made some decisions about where I believe I should be headed. I’ve spent the last several months researching and connecting and learning about what it will take to head in that direction. After interacting with others on the same path and hearing God’s voice through His Word and His people, my next step is to actually DO the things I’ve been learning about! I won’t get very far down the road if I’m just reading and Facebooking and IM’ng. I have to step out onto the road, baby!

So yesterday, at the invitation of a friend, I went to a BNI (Business Networking Int’l) lunch. I love meeting new people but this was the first time I actually introduced myself to the world as an Inspirational Speaker! And they took me seriously! They actually wanted my business card. Listening to all the other business people introduce themselves and their businesses, I began to realize that there were other things I could consider speaking about besides Christian women’s topics. These people needed help in areas I have expertise in. I had never considered this before. Being at the luncheon also made me realize I have some work to do on my basic 60 second commercial! I went away excited but scared … what if someone at the luncheon actually asked me to speak at one of their functions?! LOL As I’ve had time to reflect, the Lord’s voice came quietly. He’ll be with me as I walk on this new road He’s called me to.

My past decisions have brought me to today. Some of today I’m pleased with and some I’m not. But God is allowing me enough of a glimpse of what is possible to encourage me to “decide” to make better use of my time. Today’s decisions will rule tomorrow. What do I want tomorrow to look like?

What will your tomorrow be?

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